We craft customized service solutions for each client based on their specific needs, not ours.


About Us

SES is a licensed Professional Employer Organization founded in 2004 in Stafford, TX.  Our Company Philosophy is simple – our primary goal is to provide each client with a unique approach to their outsourcing requirements dependent on their individual needs.  While there are common requirements for each client – Payroll, HR, Benefit Administration and Risk Management, we understand that each client has their own specific needs dependent on their business model, business objectives, and industry.  Our goal is to fulfull each Clients’ requirement utilizing the skills and knowledge of our staff of PEO professionals. With that in mind, SES invests a great deal of time in understanding the industries, processes and cultures of the clients we serve. Whether your organization is seeking a comprehensive solution utilizing all of our professional PEO services in either a PEO or ASO Model, or something more specific, such as a Safety Program or Employee Handbook, SES has the resources to provide these services.

The Value of PEO

  • SES offers a transparent rate structure
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Shift internal focus away from all non-revenue generating employee-related administrative functions
  • Protect assets by reducing employer liabilities and business risks
  • Ensure governmental compliance
  • Improve work environments in terms of safety
  • Control / contain costs related to workers’ compensation and other business insurance products
  • Expand and improve employee benefit offerings
  • And attract and retain the best possible talent

Our Mission

To generate material long-term value for our clients and stakeholders by providing truly innovative, client-focused solutions and un-matched customer service.

Our Values

Integrity – remain above reproach in the way we work

Professionalism – employ business practices worth emulating

Innovation– always be ahead of the market in everything we do

Consistency – do what we say we’re going to do, every time

Focus – approach everything with “tomorrow” in mind